Get Going

Sports Massage 1hr£45

If you're an active and/or sports person you will likely already know how to get the best from your body. Remedial sports massage is one of the most powerful ways to maximise your performance and up your game.

Deep-Tissue 1hr£45

More in-depth than regular massage. Tackle those problem areas that stubbornly keep on causing unwanted pain. What's more, a deep-tissue massage can help with body and mind. This type of massage targets deeper layers and usually involves firm pressure.

Wind Down

Swedish Massage 1hr£45

Focussing on muscles and joints, Swedish Massage uses techniques which work in the same direction of blood circulating towards the heart. The health benefits of Swedish Massage are great.

Seated Massage 15m£25

Typically performed in an office setting, chair massage has become a popular type of treatment for busy individuals. With a shorter time-scale a seated massage can quickly rejuvenate a tired and stressed employee and help them to feel like new.


Pregnancy Massage 1hr£45

During pregnancy your body is put under considerable stress. You are also highly likely to experience anxiety and increased levels of hormones such as noradrenaline. A pregnancy massage is known to combat these symptoms.

Please note that it is also possible to book all of the above treatments for 90m.

Pregnancy Massage 90m £70

Relax longer Pregnancy massages are commonly a longer session time than other types of massage. This means you can fully relax and indulge yourself.

Ante/prenatal and postnatal You can have a pregnancy massage before and after delivery.

Comfortable The use of bolsters ensures you remain comfortable throughout your pregnancy massage.

Catriona is my miracle worker. I had been in lots of pain with my shoulder. Since having monthly massages i am now able to move again and even push swings, which is a must for me being a nanny. Highly recommend Catriona.
Huge recommendation after an amazing massage from fellow EGG Catriona. Two weeks after having my son, breastfeeding had taken its toll on my shoulders and neck but she worked absolute magic. Cat listened to what I needed and her pressure and technique was perfect ! After a delicious hour I felt invigorated but relaxed too, I will definitely be booking again!
Catriona came to our house today and exceeded my expectations with her massage. My back pain and tension has cleared and no pain was felt during the session. She was friendly and ensured I felt at ease at all times. Rebooked for my next appointment.