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Last Updated: 17 July, 2018.

Intro: Why is massage so beneficial for body and mind? As well as tackling any issues throughout your entire body, massage aids rest and relaxation. Already sold? You should be.

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10 Benefits of Massage Infographic

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Massage is scientifically proven to provide many health benefits as well as general well-being.

Check out the list of benefits and explore each benefit in the article.[/column]


  • Better Circulation
  • Myofascial Pain
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Improve Posture
  • Improved Immunity
  • Sooth Anxiety
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Relaxation
  • Better Skin Condition


Better Circulation

circulate: verb – flow, motion, movement

Blood Pressure:
Massage has been shown to naturally lower blood pressure.

Fascia in Good Condition:
Every vital blood vessel is connected to the facia.

When the fascia is aligned properly the circulatory system functions at its best.

Lymphatic Drainage:
A light form of massage treatment, lymphatic drainage has been shown to help the body expel toxins and drain unwanted fluids.

Also useful after surgery to help boost recovery times.

Blood Flow:
People who have regular massage sessions have been said to have enhanced blood-flow.

Avoid the Winter Blues:
When blood flow is increased stress, anxiety and depression are kept at bay.

Circulation can be compromised during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage relieves strain and reduces swelling.

Pregnancy massage helps with your baby’s health too.

Avoid the Flu:
Massage boosts the immune system by reducing cortisol. Cortisol is a stress harmone associated with stress.


Less Myofascial Pain

pain: noun – discomfort, soreness, affliction

Shoulder Issues:
Shoulder issues are a common problem for active people. Often sports and Remedial massage is the best way to tackle shoulder pain.

Tennis Elbow:
Injuries such as tennis elbow which are caused by overuse respond well to massage therapy which provides deep pain relief by reducing the level of soreness.

Lower Back Pain:
Massage can help reduce back pain by loosening tight muscles which in turn restores flexibility.

Hip and Pelvis:
Areas such as the hip and pelvis can be a source of tension in the body for various reasons. Massage can target these areas and improve movement whilst reducing pain.

As with all areas of the body, massage helps blood-flow which can drastically cut the intensity and duration of migraine pains.

When you have been involved in a crash, or have had a similar strain impact on the body, massage can assist with the healing process by lessening muscle stiffness, bringing down swelling and relieving pain.

Carpal Tunnel/RSI:
RSI (Repetitive Train Injury) can be a barrier to accomplishing many tasks. Specialist massage techniques can reduce RSI and help with recovery.

Pregnancy Massage

labour: verb – the process of childbirth

During massage fresh blood flows to the uterus, improving the chances of conception. Organs and body tissues are also relaxed and invigorated.

Blood flow to the heart and placenta is also greatly improved during massage. 

With the nervous system in good condition, the mother is likely to have an easier labour.

During many deliveries the mother is sedated on strong drugs. By providing natural pain relief it is more likely that the mother can cope with the birth without medication.

Pre-natal massage, which is massage before delivery, helps with swelling, nerve pain and promotes a sense of wellbeing in the mother.

Postnatal massage refers to massage treatments after birth. Similar to pre-natal massage, this type of therapy is often focussed on providing the best treatment for your own particular needs.

For example, this may affect the position you lie in during your massage.

Baby massage has become a popular way to help bond with your baby, while encouraging your baby’s growth and improving your baby’s emotional health.

Post-natal massage can also help tackle post natal depression.


Improve Posture

posture: noun – position, pose, hold

Painful muscles, caused by bad posture after recovering from injury or illness can be alleviated by massage. This relaxation of the muscles speeds up recovery.

Increase Mobility:
By relaxing your muscles massage helps reduce pain in your joints which improves the overall mobility of your joints. The more strengthening and conditioning of your muscles you do the more mobile you will feel.

Get “Out of your own way”:
The saying ‘Get out of your own way’ applies to good posture. Sports Massage therapists can help you take relief of sore muscles and focus on better posture in general.


Improved Immunity

immunity: noun resistance, protection

More Lymphocytes:
A massage boosts the number of lymphocytes (white blood cells) which fight against infection.

Other benefits include reducing inflammation, lowering cortisol (stress hormone) and releasing tension.

Massage Types:
When you’re looking for a massage type  to help improve your immune system a Swedish massage is perhaps the most suitable due to the variable pressure involved.

You will feel energised after your massage due to the increased blood flow.

Other Benefits:
As well as reducing stress, massage helps with breathing, blood pressure and can reduce tension which in turn relieves headaches.


Soothe Anxiety

anxiety: noun – worry, nervousness, unease

GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) has been proven to respond well to massage which can reduce stress and anxiety.

Swedish massage is often the best form of massage for treating stress and anxiety disorders. It is usually the most common type of massage available in many regions.

As well as providing general relief by actively working on the body to achieve relaxation, massage can also help tackle phobias, panic disorders and stress disorders.

Since massage triggers the relief of endorphins many massage treatments are a very natural way to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Massage also helps lessen the intensity of anxiety due to the feeling of connection with your therapist. Whatever the type of massage is you will benefit a lot from the treatment.


Improved Sleep

sleep: verb – rest, inactive, dormant

Beat Insomnia:
Massage is the most natural available treatment for insomnia. By purposefully relaxing your muscles, massage therapy almost guarantees good quality sleep.

Reduce Worry: With the decreased depression and anxiety benefits of regular massage it is more likely you will be able to switch off at night and restore the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Release Serotonin:
Serotonin is a hormone which helps boost your melatonin levels which in turn improves your sleep cycle.


Reduce Inflammation

inflammation noun – swollen, painful, reddened

Since massage is a natural healing technique which can greatly reduce pain, inflammation can also be tackled by massage therapy.

With a skilled (usually a qualified) therapist, the timing of treatments designed to reduce inflammation is important.

Since massage therapists are constantly engaged with reading the body’s signals, it is often possible to heal pain in many cases.

When in recovery, the body needs to find reserves of energy to quicken the process and ensure everything goes to plan. Therapists will often work with the client to gauge the pain level.

When having a massage treatment with the aim of reducing inflammation, the therapist will often ask you to rate  the level of pain from 1-10. When this process has started it is possible to gently increase the intensity and type of massage to suit the patient.

When the therapist has correctly established the extent of the condition they will then attempt to reduce stiffness in the muscles and promote as quick a recovery as possible.



relax: verb – less tense, less firm, less tight

Lowered Blood Pressure:
Massage therapy lowers blood pressure leaving you more relaxed.

Release Toxins:
Deep-tissue massage may help release toxins into the bloodstream..

Reduce Muscle Knots:
Massage can reduce tension in the muscles easing pain.

Choose Your Pressure:
Therapists can tailor their technique to your personal comfort level.


Skin Conditions

skin noun – thin layer of tissue, outer covering

A very common condition, eczema affects many people. Having bouts of eczema is not a reason to avoid massage. Therapists are used to seeing many types of skin condition and may have specialist knowledge of products which can moisturise the area. Furthermore, a relaxing massage can help you avoid stress which can exacerbate these conditions.

Psoriasis is not contagious although massage can ramp up levels of blood flow to the area which can worsen the condition by promoting new cell development.

It is recommended to discuss all issues related to massage while suffering from psoriasis.

Essential oils applied to your face can promote clear skin, remove dead cells and help your facial muscles relax more.

Some massage therapists are trained in using essential oils so look up therapists in your local are